Price List

All fibre is different and may lend itself better to certain types of products. We work with you to find the best fit product for your fibre’s unique characteristics.

Skirting (if required):  $5.00/lb based on incoming weight (Please skirt wool before delivery to the mill – this could save you hundreds of $!)

Washing Prices are based on incoming weight as follows: 

Alpaca: $9.00/lb

Fine Wool Types: $9.00/lb

Medium/Coarse Wool Types: $6.00/lb

Rewashing if required (very dirty or very fine/extra greasy wools): $3.00 additional per pound of incoming fibre.

This washing fee is charged upon arrival of your fibre. *This is non-refundable*.  Processing will not begin until this is paid in full. We will charge for and wash ALL incoming fibre, including prewashed fibre, to avoid residual build-up on our machines. This fee is separate from the finished product price.

Washing, plus the cost of the finished product per pound:

Carded Roving or Batts: $16.00/lb

Lopi: $28.00/lb

Lace Weight – Fingering Weight:

Sport – DK Weight: $36.00/lb

Worsted Weight: $32.00/lb

Chunky – Bulky Weight: $28.00/lb

Core Spun Rug Yarn: $20.00/lb

Accent Colours for Rug Yarn:

Blending fibres additional – tbd

We reserve the right to reject fibre either before washing or after. If your fibre is rejected after washing, the washing cost is non-refundable. (Weak fibre, excess vegetable matter, moths, staple length, etc). We will work with you throughout the process.

Final payment is due within 30 days of completion. If payment and collection is not made prior to 30 days, the product becomes property of Rosebud River Fibre Mill.

Shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.

Please contact us to book your fibre into our schedule before sending it to us.