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Welcome to Rosebud River Fibre Mill, your local and experienced choice for all your yarn purchasing and wool processing needs. Here you can shop online for alpaca, blended, core spun and wool yarn, roving and batts or get a preview of what is in our (by appointment) physical store. You’ll also learn about our detailed yarn process that involves the best Canadian-made equipment, our hands-on knowledge, and a superior washing method that results in outstanding quality for your finished product.

As a local fibre processing mill in Alberta, we are pleased to accept large and small batches for custom processing for both sheep wool and alpaca fibre. If you are a hobby farmer using your own harvested wool, or a producer that needs large volumes of fibre processed, Rosebud River Fibre Mill gets it done. We also have a variety of products for wholesale purchase.

We are thrilled to offer high quality batts, rovings, yarn, and more, all sourced from our own flock and other local producers.

Take a look around our site and see what we have to offer.

Purchase wool conveniently online or book an appointment to visit us in store.

Meet Our Team

We are a progressive rural Alberta fibre processor. Located on our small family farm, Rosebud River Fibre Mill makes quality Canadian sourced natural fibre products available to the public. We offer custom fibre processing for large and small batches as well as design our own popular one-of-a-kind styles. We’re proud to be the local choice for individuals, businesses, farmers – anyone with a vested interest in high-quality, durable, Canadian wool and alpaca fibre. Contact us to book a visit to see what we do.

About Us

Have you ever wondered just how raw wool gets turned into yarn?

We love working with Canadian farmers to
procure the best natural wool and create a
variety of yarn for our customers.

So, we are going to peel back the curtain just a bit to give you a peek into the process. We hope you find it as exciting as we do!

It all starts with sourcing high quality wool from healthy, happy local sheep.

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Ecofriendly & Natural

Wool and alpaca fibres are sustainable alternatives to synthetic fabrics. Polyester, spandex and acrylic fabric, for example, require a great deal of emission-intensive processing, and the end result is not fully biodegradable. Additionally, many people find synthetic material irritating on the skin, and some are allergic to the compounds used in production.

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BFL Lamb - DK

BFL Lamb - DK



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