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Here at Rosebud River Fibre Mill, located right in the valley of Rosebud, Alberta, we aim to make quality Canadian sourced wool and alpaca yarns more available to the public. We also extend our services to offer people another option for custom processing their fibre.  We want to help meet the demand for locally processed yarns and rovings.

Why Wool and Alpaca? Natural fibres such as wool and alpaca are both great insulators in the heat and cold, flame resistant, stain and moisture resistant, and incredibly durable and long-lasting. Not only are these fibres great to wear, but they are also 100% biodegradable and recyclable, making them great replacements to acrylic and polyester, which are accumulating in our landfills.

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What We Do
Yarn Processing

Yarn Processing

The Process:

Tumbling is the first step in the process, and don’t overlook this step! This step gets out a large amount of second cuts, dirt, and vm. This step makes it easier to wash, and makes for a cleaner end product.

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Located in the Rosebud River Valley

Our facility is located in the heart of the Rosebud River Valley 30 min from Drumheller, and less than an hour from Calgary.

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Located in the Rosebud River Valley

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