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About Us

We are a local rural Alberta fibre mill - Rosebud River Fibre Mill. We manufacture quality Canadian sourced wool and alpaca yarn and fibre products for sale to the public. We offer custom fibre processing for large and small batches for Canadian fibre farmers, as well as design our own popular one-of-a-kind styles. We’re proud to be the local choice for individuals, businesses, farmers – anyone with a vested interest in high-quality, durable, Canadian wool and alpaca fibre. Contact us to book a visit and see the full experience of what we do.

Why we do what we do

There was a time when Canadian goods made by the hands of experienced artisans and tradespeople was the norm. As technology evolved, society embraced the idea of inexpensive and fast production; trading quality for speed, trading local for convenience. The result has been costly in terms of environmental and social impact and fragile trade routes that collapse at the first sign of regional and global crises.

We want to change that!

Here on the Martin family farm, our homestead has been producing local goods, running small on-farm businesses, and raising sheep and cattle since the late 1800’s. We know what it’s like to bring farmed goods to market, to work with our hands, and the real value of supporting local.

Times change though, and as we adapt to the future, we wanted to make better use of what has been unfortunately considered a worthless byproduct of raising sheep- WOOL.

For us, opening a fibre mill in March of 2019 was the best way to help future-proof our local economy and make use of an under utilized resource while being creative, inspiring, encouraging, and eco-friendly for our community. Through cooperation with producers, retailers, and artisans, we aim to help to build a robust local fibreshed.

Your Alberta Fibre Mill

Rosebud River Fibre Mill is more than a place to get natural yarns, rovings, batts, and rug yarns.

We also offer our services to producers wanting their own fibre processed. Most of all, we are proud to be able to say our mill is 100% Canadian, from our labour, to the fibre we source, down to our equipment!

Rosebud River Fibre Mill is here for everyone

Felters, weavers, dyers, knitters, and crocheters. No matter who you are, whether you craft for a hobby or as a business, we are the Western Canadian fibre mill with the products and experience to meet your needs.

Our care in processing is evident in the high quality products we make.

Rosebud River Fibre Mill’s careful washing and carding process makes for little to no breakage in fibre you often see in roving produced elsewhere. We are happy to accept small or large batches. With small batch processing capabilities, we guarantee what you receive back from us is 100% your fibre only. We are also fully equipped to process both wool and/or alpaca fibre– as well as offering custom blending for angora, silk, nylon, bamboo, etc.

For custom orders in our mill, expect timely, experienced processing in a clean and well-equipped local facility. We help you along the way with recommendations and feedback based on your specific fibre.

We look forward to serving you.

We are pleased to see the focus shifting back away from the damaging effects of fast fashion and synthetics. Our reputation and our commitment to the local textile economy, combined with care and attention to detail, yields high quality products you can be assured are ethically sourced. The demand for locally processed yarn and rovings is on the rise and we are the local, Alberta source to meet this growing demand. 

It’s time to get back to being engaged with the products you use in your home, to embrace quality, to feel the connection between yourself, the producers, and the end product. What better to do this than with natural, 100% Canadian sourced yarn for wearing and crafting.

Explore our website and our products today, or contact us to arrange a visit to see the difference hands-on care and attention makes in the products you love.