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Price List, Terms & Conditions

Our Rosebud, Alberta wool mill meets your fibre processing needs conveniently, and through open communication and personalized service. 

Our process and prices are follows:

We work with you to find the best fit for your fibre’s unique characteristics because all fibre is different. We are happy to share our experience while also listening comprehensively to gain an understanding of your project’s end goal. We can help you decide what your fibre will be best suited for and can make recommendations. We can make appropriate adjustments in processing that may be necessary due to fibre type and fibre quality to ensure the best result. You can expect to hear from us at various points in the process to update you on timing or any questions that come up to make sure you are getting what you are hoping for. We look forward to exceeding your expectations!


Consultation is included.


You can save hundreds of dollars if you skirt your fibre prior to delivering it to us. 

Skirting is essentially laying your fibre or fleeces flat, and going over it very carefully to remove any contaminants such as excess hay, twigs, leaves, burrs, compromised locks, short cuts, mats, stains, fecal matter and the like. The cleaner your raw fibre is, the better the end product will be.  Please have alpaca blanket fibre sorted separately from the seconds.

 We do not accept wool that has been infested by insects or mice. Infestations can quickly affect other orders in our shop as well as our premises, equipment and physical health. We do not accept very old wool or previously processed wool such as batts.

Please put a label in each separate bag with your name, the animal’s name, batch number, species and breed.


Our washing process uses extremely hot water and eco-friendly fibre scouring soap for a thorough clean while maintaining the integrity of the raw fibre. Washing prices are based on incoming weight, and payable upon delivery to the mill. Washing includes tumbling to remove any excess small debris prior to washing.

Please note, we only wash fibre that is being further processed by us; we do not offer washing as a separate service at this time.

Fibre Type Price per pound
Alpaca $10.00 / lb
Fine Wool $10.00 / lb
Medium/Coarse Wool $8.00 / lb
Rewashing $4.00 / lb* based on incoming weight
Skirting $5.00 / lb* based on incoming weight
* (May be necessary for fibre that is not pre-skirted, arrives extra dirty, or has more than the usual level of grease.)

Processing Options

Prices below are based on the final product’s finished weight and are invoiced separately from the washing fee.

Service Cost
Carded Roving or Batts $18.00 / lb
Lace Weight – Fingering Weight $46.00 / lb
Sport – DK Weight $42.00 / lb
Worsted Weight $38.00 / lb
Chunky – Bulky Weight $34.00 / lb
Core Spun Rug Yarn $26.00 / lb
Accent Colours for Rug Yarn $3.00 / oz
* *Prices are based on the finished weight.
** Please Note! While we do small-batch processing, we do charge a minimum rate for yarn batches under 5lbs finished weight. Orders weighing less than 5lbs will be charged as 5lbs.

Payment & Terms

The non-refundable washing fee is charged and due upon arrival of your fibre. Washing at Rosebud River Fibre Mill is mandatory for all orders including pre-washed fibre. This ensures our equipment is safe from grease and product buildup and allows us to fully inspect and evaluate the quality of the fibre. 

We reserve the right to reject fibre either before or after washing. If your fibre is rejected after washing, the washing cost is non-refundable. (Rejection could be due to weak fibre, excess vegetable matter, scurf, staple length, foreign objects, etc.). We will work with you throughout the process but will immediately discard any fibre that is found to have been infested with mice or insects. If you would like your rejected fibre back, shipping costs are up to the client. 

Final payment is due within 30 days of completion and can be made by cash, e-transfer or credit card. If payment and collection is not made after 30 days of notification, the product becomes property of Rosebud River Fibre Mill. Payment must be made before the order leaves the mill.

Cost of all shipping to and from the mill is the responsibility of the client.

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